June 2019

Uruguay’s vertical and intense approach made this a game revolving around direct play, counterpressing and counterattacks. Uruguay’s possession was fairly ineffective in the first half, but looked dangerous in the second half, especially when Japan sat deeper and Uruguay could send cross after cross into a packed penalty box. Ultimately, they were unable to find […]

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Tactical analysis Brazil Venezuela 0-0 Copa America

Brazil’s asymmetric shape created some interesting possibilities against Venezuela in the first half, but ultimately suffered from small structural issues. After some reshuffling, Brazil found more balance in the second half but were ultimately unable to break down a resilient Venezuela defense. Tactical analysis and match report by Josh Manley. Brazil came into this game […]

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Copa America 2019 Preview Uruguay Chile

Welcome to the weekend primer of Between The Posts, where this time we take a slightly different approach. Instead of a match-by-match preview, we’ll preview the 2019 Copa América, kicking off this weekend. This is the last part of a three-part mini-series looking at the six major favorites going into the tournament. In this article, […]

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