December 2019

Tactical analysis Fiorentina AS Roma Serie A 1-4

In a game where Lorenzo Pellegrini’s quality decided the outcome, Fiorentina and Roma fought closely for seventy minutes. After spaces started opening up, the visitors were able to express their football at its maximum potential, settling Roma’s score at a resounding win that does not fully depict the game’s evolution. Tactical analysis and match report […]

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El Clasico tactics

During the first half, Real Madrid’s pressing game suppressed Barcelona’s offense, except for the unruly Messi and Sergi Roberto. Real had a hard time however to create good chances despite their tactical dominance. In the second half, Ernesto Valverde evened out the tactical tables with his adjustments, creating a come-and-go in which both teams ultimately […]

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Tactical analysis Borussia Dortmund RB Leipzig 3-3 Bundesliga

A slightly slacking Leipzig setup from Julian Nagelsmann looked to be on the brink of defeat were it not for an incomprehensible series of events for Dortmund that were minorly influenced by Leipzig’s change of pace. Tactical analysis and match report by Peter M. It would seem that Lucien Favre’s decision to desert his well-known […]

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Tactical analysis Wolverhampton Wanderers Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Premier League

Seeing a José Mourinho side, especially one of recent times, concede possession and space, as well as chances, has not become too unfamiliar. It was bordering on being the case here, too. Wolves were the most inventive of the two sides, but were ultimately architects of their own downfall. Tactical analysis by Peter M. Without […]

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