Tactical analysis Brazil Venezuela 0-0 Copa America

Brazil – Venezuela: Brazil Unable To Break Through Against Determined Venezuela (0-0)

Brazil’s asymmetric shape created some interesting possibilities against Venezuela in the first half, but ultimately suffered from small structural issues. After some reshuffling, Brazil found more balance in the second half but were ultimately unable to break down a resilient Venezuela defense.

Tactical analysis and match report by Josh Manley.

Brazil came into this game top of their group after their 3-0 win over Bolivia on the opening day of the Copa América. They made one change from their previous line-up as Arthur, being deemed fit to start again, slotted into a central midfield position instead of Fernandinho in their 4-2-3-1 formation.

Meanwhile Venezuela made three changes from their opening game, a 0-0 draw against Peru. Luis Mago and Jhon Chancellor dropped out of the defense to make way for Yordan Osorio and Ronald Hernández. Meanwhile, Jefferson Savarino was replaced by Darwin Machís as a winger in their 4-3-3 shape.

Asymmetry in Brazil’s possession
When they had the ball, Brazil interpreted their 4-2-3-1 formation asymmetrically. Filipe Luís basically functioned as an inverted fullback on the left, remaining in the left halfspace If you divide the field in five vertical lanes, the halfspaces are the lanes that are not on the wing and not in the center. Because there is no touchline like on the wing, players have freedom to go everywhere. But this zone often is not as well-defended as the very center. This makes it a very valuable offensive zone . . .

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Josh Manley (20) is a student and aspiring coach. Heavily interested in tactics and strategy in football. Watching teams from all top European leagues, but especially Manchester United and Barcelona. [ View all posts ]


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