Copa Libertadores

Tactical analysis Gremio Palmeiras 0-1 Copa Libertadores

In the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarter-final, Grêmio dominated possession but failed to create any good chances. As expected, Palmeiras looked to sit deep and punish the opposition on the counter, but they were not very successful with this strategy. However, they are now very close to the semi-final, courtesy of a stunning […]

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Tactical analysis Cruzeiro - River Plate 0-0 Copa Libertadores

Transparent midfield bases were at the core of both teams’ defensive problems, although neither side could raise any troubling questions with their narrow formations. Tactical analysis and match report by Peter M. Having met merely a week ago in the first leg, many spectators would have been hoping for an alternative score line following last […]

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In this match, River Plate were just not able to make their deliveries stick. They controlled the match and found themselves in countless good crossing positions. Up until that point in each attack, they were cantering through Cruzeiro’s defense using expansive wide play, without stinging. Eventually, the visitors’ second half performance seemed to tip the […]

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