El Clasico tactics

During the first half, Real Madrid’s pressing game suppressed Barcelona’s offense, except for the unruly Messi and Sergi Roberto. Real had a hard time however to create good chances despite their tactical dominance. In the second half, Ernesto Valverde evened out the tactical tables with his adjustments, creating a come-and-go in which both teams ultimately […]

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Tactical analysis Napoli Carlo Ancelotti

As Napoli triumphed over Genk in a scintillating win that reminded fans of what could have been, the curtains closed on Carlo Ancelotti’s Neapolitan experience. Expectations were not met, pieces of the puzzle detaching progressively as time passed, until the decision to part ways paved the way for Gennaro Gattuso’s chance. What exactly went wrong […]

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Tactical analysis Manchester City United 1-2 Premier League

Much of the first half of this Manchester Derby was defined by Manchester United’s quick transitions. Manchester City had promising attacks of their own, but their defensive intensity was below usual standards, which partly allowed United to go 2-0 up within thirty minutes. City made slight adjustments to stem the flow of counterattacks and attempted […]

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Tactical analysis Atlético Madrid Barcelona 0-1 LaLiga

During the first half, Atlético’s medium block and pressing trap approach dominated Barcelona, reducing them to a single shot in thirty minutes. With a small tweak in midfield and an adjustment to Messi’s position, Barcelona started overcoming the Atlético block. In the second half, an increasingly tired Atlético conceded counterattack opportunities that ultimately led to […]

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