Serie A

Tactical analysis Torino Juventus 0-1 Serie A

A dismal display of two teams unable to string passes together and carry out effective offensive actions. Fittingly, from a set piece routine Juventus opened the scoring and then used Torino’s tactics against them. In line with their reputation, even this year, Juve’s solutions are endless. Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi. When […]

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Tactical analysis Napoli - Atalanta Bergamo 2-2 Serie A

Napoli took a leaf out of Manchester City’s book and mostly outplayed Atalanta with a pass-and-press game. A dominant second half display from Napoli seemed to have sealed the game in their favor, but late controversy arose and Josip Iličić thought otherwise, restoring the game that appeared completely out of Atalanta’s reach to a draw.  […]

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Tactical analysis SS Lazio Atalanta Bergamo 3-3- Serie A

Staying in line with their recent encounters, Lazio and Atalanta did not disappoint in yet another rollercoaster ride that neutral spectators will have certainly enjoyed. In a game of two halves, Atalanta dominated the first half with an effective pressing and buildup play, while Lazio made great use of Atalanta’s fading intensity to come out […]

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Tactical analysis AC Milan Internazionale 0-2 Serie A

Inter’s responded to their disappointing Champions League draw to Slavia Praha with a textbook Antonio Conte display. This win ensured their rampage in Serie A continued as they disarmed a helpless Milan side still in search of its identity for the season.  Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi. If Antonio Conte’s spell at […]

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