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As an avid football fan, by now you’ve probably noticed a large part of world football is postponed. This leaves Between the Posts with a challenge, as our content is very much reliant on the seemingly infinite amount of football games that are played nowadays. Like most people in these difficult circumstances, we will need to adjust. In this post we will provide an update on how we will try to do this. 

There is a fantastic Dutch saying about the game we all love so much: “Football is the most important side issue in life”. I always thought this statement could be traced back to former Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord manager Hans Kraaij sr., but Google proved me wrong, as it probably originated in Germany. In 1960, German sports journalist Horst Peets published a book called Sport – die wichtigste Nebensache der Welt. This translates to “Sport is the most important side issue in the world. In 1960, German sports journalist Horst Peets published a book called Sport – die wichtigste Nebensache der Welt. This translates to “Sport is the most important side issue in the world. As Gary Lineker put it last week, in the context of recent developments football is not that important

So first things first: health. For those wondering; the entire Between the Posts team – some of us live in countries that are locked down, some of us work in healthcare – is feeling well. As football addicts, we obviously feel uncomfortable with the fact there is no football around, but we have the utmost respect for all decisions being taken. In terms of withdrawal symptoms, I recently found myself rewatching the 1974 World Cup final on YouTube. It sucks, but postponing all games is the best thing to do right now.

Without a steady stream of football matches to produce match reports on, we will shift our attention to team-focused analysis pieces. This is something we already tried to do more of this season. Among other teams, we published pieces on Manchester United’s problems in possession, Inter’s flying start with Antonio Conte and Everton’s woes under Marco Silva

These articles take some time to make, as we always try to look at what is actually happening and decipher tactical trends, instead of hot taking immediately after the final whistle. For now, we’ve got Juventus, Lyon, Atalanta, Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur on our list of teams to analyze. You can drop a comment below this article if there are other teams you would like to see featured. 

The indefinite postponement of football worldwide leaves us with a challenge, and the longer the leagues are postponed, the more creative we will have to become in terms of our content. Our author Josh Manley will compare Europe’s elite teams and delve into some tactical buildup theory, and we will have more articles in store that will deviate from our usual path of single match reports. Analyzing matches from the past is definitely on our radar too and if this situation is going to last for some time, you can definitely count on some historical matches to be featured on the website.

So, stay at home, limit your social contacts and try to make the best of this extraordinary period. If there is anything else you would like to know about our plan for the upcoming weeks or get in touch about something else, drop a comment below or send me an e-mail – the button to our mail address can be found top right.

Stay safe!

Erik Elias
Chief editor Between the Posts 

Erik Elias (27) is co-founder and chief editor of Between The Posts. Dutch, so admires Johan Cruijff and his football principles, but enjoys writing about other styles as well. Former youth coach. Videoscout at digital scouting consultancy 11tegen11. 'Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.' [ View all posts ]


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