Sevilla Alavés tactics

Deportivo Alavés – Sevilla FC: Sarabia and Promes turn around Sevilla’s fortunes against rock-solid Alavés (1-1)

Alavés dominated the first half with an uncharacteristic pressing scheme on Sevilla’s midfielders, effectively disconnecting Sevilla’s midfield from their attack. During the second half, Sevilla substitutes Quincy Promes and Pablo Sarabia turned the match around by helping their team find their usual offensive mechanisms.

Tactical analysis by José Pérez.

Without a doubt Alavés, coached by Abelardo Fernández, are one of the breakthrough teams of LaLiga. The secret to their success can be somewhat hard to decipher when looking at their underlying numbers. Bafflingly, Alavés have the third lowest expected goal difference in La Liga yet they currently sit at the fourth place of the table.

Most of this huge overperformance in terms of Expected Goals The amount of goals a team is expected to score based on the quality of the shots they take. can be explained through their devastatingly effective set piece game. Alavés are third in goals scored and third in goals conceded from set piece situations. They also overperform when it comes to Expected Goals conceded from open play. This is a common characteristic of teams that play very defensively, which place more bodies in between shooter and goal than usual (Burnley fans are awfully familiar with this concept…).

Against Sevilla, Alavés used a 4-1-4-1 shape instead of their usual 4-4-2 formation. This is a special setup that Abelardo employs exclusively against the most dangerous offenses in La Liga; he used . . .

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