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FC Barcelona – Real Madrid: Real Madrid Press Well But Lack Bite Against Efficient Barça (0-0)

During the first half, Real Madrid’s pressing game suppressed Barcelona’s offense, except for the unruly Messi and Sergi Roberto. Real had a hard time however to create good chances despite their tactical dominance. In the second half, Ernesto Valverde evened out the tactical tables with his adjustments, creating a come-and-go in which both teams ultimately decided to be conservative and settle for a draw.  
Tactical analysis and match report by José Perez

Going into this Clásico we had a curious situation: Real Madrid seemed to have a stronger collective structure and identity than their historic opponents. As we described in our Clásico Preview, Zinedine Zidane has created a team who disorders rivals primarily through Hazard’s dribbling, Kroos’s passing and Benzema’s movements. Once the team gets into the final third,   The one-third of the pitch that is closest to the opposition’s goal. they are quite good at winning second balls and counterpressing   After losing possession, a team immediately moves towards the ball as a unit to regain possession, or at least slow down the pace of the counterattack. through their midfield trio of Casemiro, Fede Valerde, and Toni Kroos. However, this entire system of play came was jeopardized by the untimely Hazard injury. His paradoxical mix of explosiveness, dribbling and pause allowed Real to cut deep into opponents while at the same time attacking and counterpressing as a unit. 

Against Barcelona, Zidane’s replaced the injured Marcelo and Hazard with Ferland Mendy . . .

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