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Germany – Netherlands: revamped Mannschaft dominates, but Dutch seal group win with last-minute comeback (2-2)

More often than we fans would like to admit, the result of a game of football has very little to do with which team actually played better. This Nations League match between Germany and the Netherlands was a prime example of that. The Dutch left Gelsenkirchen with a fully undeserved, but nonetheless crucial point against permanent Angstgegner Germany.

Tactical analysis by Sam Planting.

Make no mistake about it. Dutch football was in real crisis, just last year. Consecutive failures to reach the Euro . . .

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Sam Planting (27) writes for various Dutch media about football (VI Pro, Het Parool, Hard Gras) and does some stats stuff for television. Records ‘De Voetbalpodcast’ with his two best buds. Born and raised in Amsterdam. Former basketball player. Current aficionado of stand-up comedy and rap music. [ View all posts ]


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