Juventus – AC Milan: Game Of Two Halves Settles A Stale Semi-Final (0-0)

Juventus’ first thirty minutes were all fans could hope for. However, the tables turned, as the final minutes of the first half anticipated yet another controversial second half by Sarri’s men. As Juventus reached another finale, where they will battle for their 5th Coppa in 6 years, two bizarre first-half interferences couldn’t help breaking the deadlock: a rare missed penalty by Ronaldo and a red card for flying Ante Rebić. It makes you wonder, where they left their thoughts after three months off, playing in an empty stadium.
Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi

After German and Spanish football’s long-awaited return, after seemingly endless discussions and negotiations, Italian football finally returned as well, with Juventus and Milan stepping back on the field. It had been so long since the two sides first encountered in the first leg of the Coppa Italia’s semi final, that any prediction solemnly based on that game would result in being far-fetched. 

In that game, Juventus looked like a fatigued team, completely lost amid tactical dilemmas, and unable to consistently perform Maurizio Sarri’s instructions. That form would carry on throughout the following weeks, culminating in a disastrous loss to Olympique Lyonnais in the Champions League. Then, less than two weeks later, Juve appeared rejuvenated in an impressive win over Inter. That would be the last we would see of Juventus for three months, until now, when everyone wonders what managerial innovations both teams could come up with. 

Juventus started with Douglas Costa playing on the left, while Dybala slotted in at right in their 4-3-3 shape. Upfront, as the lone striker, featured Ronaldo . . .

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