Tactical analysis Lille - Lyon 2-2 Ligue 1

Lille OSC – Olympique Lyonnais: Both Teams Epitomize Ligue 1 As Young Attacking Talent Shines amidst a lack of structure (2-2)

Lyon dominated possession against Lille in a very interesting formation. Lille were the more efficient finishers though. The fact that Lyon fought themselves back into this exciting game on the back of their talented young guns, made this a true advert for all that Ligue 1 stands for.
Tactical analysis and match report by Erik Elias.
So far this season, Ligue 1 has looked a bit like you would expect the Bundesliga to shape up. One very dominant team easily leading the league, while a host of competitive teams fight for the places that grant qualification for European football.

Ligue 1 is a league that features an incredible variety of young talent from France’s excellent youth academies and other countries. Every transfer window, clubs from Germany, Spain and England make their way to France to pick up new diamonds in the rough, or even better: future super stars. The tactical organization and discipline is not always at the level of Europe’s top competitions, though, which makes watching a Ligue 1 match a fun experience most of the times.

Both Lille and Lyon pretty much characterize the league, as they both are not too organized tactically – Lille a bit more than Lyon – but boy, can it be fun too watch those young talents ply their trade on the pitch.

Lille always play in a 4-2-3-1 shape, the double pivot 4-2-3-1 is one of the most frequently occurring formations in football. The two most defensive midfielders are called a ‘double pivot’. Xeka and Thiago Mendes balancing things out to accommodate the attacking trio behind veteran striker Loïc Rémy. Their attacking trio consists of Jonathan Bamba (left winger, 22 . . .

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