Liverpool – Chelsea: Cohesive Chelsea Win At Anfield (0-1)

Chelsea’s attacking game plan sought to outplay the Liverpool pressure and beat their offside trap to release their forwards behind Liverpool’s defense. This was relatively successful in the first half and they ended up taking the lead via Mason Mount just before half-time. The second half saw Thomas Tuchel’s side conceding more territory and looking defensively strong to see out their 1-0 win. 
Tactical analysis and match report by Josh Manley

Liverpool's win over Sheffield United at the weekend was their only Premier League victory in the month of February, having previously had four consecutive league defeats against Brighton, Manchester City, Leicester City and Everton

Chelsea extended their unbeaten run under Thomas Tuchel on Sunday with a 0-0 draw against Manchester United. Chelsea have enjoyed a strong defensive record under the new coach and perform as a tactically cohesive side, but continue to need improvement in terms of goalscoring . . .

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Josh Manley (21) is a student and aspiring coach. Heavily interested in tactics and strategy in football. Watching teams from all top European leagues, but especially Manchester United and Barcelona. [ View all posts ]


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