Manchester City – Borussia Dortmund: Citizens Stutter But Edge Past Dortmund (2-1)

Manchester City's dominance is a known quantity, but few would have given their visitors a chance of holding their own in his matchup. However, Dortmund’s 4-5-1 block contained the host’s 4-3-3 system, leaving the identity of the winners in this two-legged affair up in the air.
Tactical analysis and match report by Emmanuel Adeyemi-Abere.

Manchester City's rampant form has shown no signs of slowing down. Wrapping up a 2-0 win over Leicester City on the weekend, they have taken another step towards reclaiming the league title. Continuing to strangle the life out of contests, the form book would hint this could only go one way.

That said, a lingering sense of uncertainty around the match would not be without reason. Bowing out in the last eight for the last three years in a row, Pep Guardiola's tactical tinkering has been a source of scrutiny. As such, a win here for City would not only put one foot in the final four but also call into question the narrative of Guardiola overthinking these matchups.

Borussia Dortmund's struggles have also persisted. After losing 2-1 to Eintracht Frankfurt, their slim hopes of finishing in the top four took a damning blow. But after

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