Tactical analysis Montpellier - Lyon 1-1 Ligue 1

Montpellier HSC – Olympique Lyon: Vibrant display of attacking Ligue 1 talent ends in a draw (1-1)

Both teams lacked tactical cohesion in possession but made up for it with technical ability, pace and other individual qualities. Lyon took the lead through talisman Nabil Fekir before being pegged back by the home side late on.
Tactical analysis and match report by Martyn Davis.
Montpellier made two changes from their 1-0 defeat to Lille. Nicolas Cozza made way for Pedro Mendes while Daniel Congré was replaced by Ambroise Oyongo. Montpellier have had a successful start to the season and find themselves threatening the Champions League places.

Lyon named the same lineup that defeated Monaco 3-0 in their last league game. The visitors have been expectedly cut adrift from PSG in the table but are probably favourites to take second place.

Lyon setup in a 3-4-1-2 formation with Fekir sitting behind a strike partnership of Bertrand Traoré and Memphis Depay. Montpellier matched this almost entirely man to man with their 5-2-3 defensive structure.

Lyon's 3-4-1-2 was mostly matched by Montpellier's 5-2-3 formation in defense.

Lyon open match with mixed success in possession
Some of the best attacking moments for the visitors came through the forwards dropping off the front line and receiving deeper. This drew out Montpellier’s man oriented defenders and opened spaces for Lyon to then attack with quick transitions forward. Fekir was often the beneficiary of these plays as he made runs past the forwards into gaps in the defensive line.

Lyon did, however, struggle with their buildup. Without a clear positional structure in possession, their formation was often stretched and the spacing was . . .

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Martyn Davis (20) is an aspiring coach and analyst who spends his time reading, learning and — more recently — writing about football tactics. He is a Liverpool fan who primarily watches the Premier League but tries to broaden his tactical horizons by watching as many different leagues and teams as possible. He writes for his own football blog as well as Between the Posts. [ View all posts ]


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