Real Madrid – RB Leipzig: Red Bull Resistance Rattles Regal Procession (1-1)

The kings of Europe wished to move onto the next stage of the competition without the same stress from their trip to Germany. But the Santiago Bernabéu was not in the most pleasant mood that many observers would have expected. Against an outfit with nothing to lose and in their element amidst a chaotic, open context, Real Madrid suffered and struggled to succeed.
Tactical analysis and match report by Emmanuel Adeyemi-Abere.

Real Madrid remain in a prime position to strive toward silverware without the same sense of unerring superiority as had hung over the camp a few weeks ago. Since the start of February, they have slipped to three draws across five LaLiga fixtures. Nevertheless, the top spot in the standings is theirs, seven points ahead of Girona. Neither were their efforts in the first leg of this Round of 16 tie the prettiest performance, but it left one of the favorites for the Champions League title to take a lead to home turf.

Leipzig lacked the sharpness to strike in front of goal at the Red Bull Arena. It is a flaw that has foiled resistance against other outfits in Germany. Indeed, the return from the winter break caught his camp cold, and the battle with Borussia Dortmund for fourth place is swinging to their adversaries— for now. Qualification for the next round of the Champions League for only the second time in . . .

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