Spain – Italy: Jubilation For Joselu (2-1)

A new man might be at the helm for Spain, but this clash did not stray from the dynamics of its predecessors. The usual suspect grew more dominant as time elapsed to pin their opponents deep into their half of the field. But it was a fresher face on the roster that sealed the deal.

Tactical analysis and match report by Emmanuel Adeyemi-Abere.

Spain struck the hearts of their Iberian rivals at the death to seal a place in this fixture. However, their campaign was full of the frailties that undermined the work of Luis Enrique. Ball dominance could not mask their vulnerabilities at either end of the field, and these flaws signaled an exit in the Round of 16 in the World Cup that ended their old manager’s stint. The Federation has since rewarded Luis de la Fuente for his service to La Roja, but the new leader has already encountered bumps in the road.

Italy fought past Spain

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