Tactical analysis SS Lazio Atalanta Bergamo 3-3- Serie A

SS Lazio – Atalanta Bergamo: Atalanta and Lazio exploit each others weaknesses in another rollercoaster ride (3-3)

Staying in line with their recent encounters, Lazio and Atalanta did not disappoint in yet another rollercoaster ride that neutral spectators will have certainly enjoyed. In a game of two halves, Atalanta dominated the first half with an effective pressing and buildup play, while Lazio made great use of Atalanta’s fading intensity to come out on top after the break.
Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi.

Over the years, Simone Inzaghi’s Lazio and Giampiero Gasperini’s Atalanta have blessed us with some of the most intriguing and unpredictable matches from a tactical and emotional perspective, keeping each and every fan on their toes until the final whistle dissolved in the stadium. Even then, one could not be sure that the rollercoaster truly ended, because any moment could be right to catch the opponents off guard.

At the time of the encounter, Atalanta sat in third place three points above their closest competitor Napoli. Five points separated them from Lazio, whose start to the season has been somewhat of a rollercoaster as well.

Although the loss to Inter could have been estimated in Lazio’s account, their performance begged to differ, as the visitors on the night only surrendered to Samir Handanovič’s heroics. Likewise, only the woodwork interfered with a potential Lazio victory in a dominant Derby display.

Simone Inzaghi’s men have often been labeled unable to cope with the “big dogs”, but this year the constant seems to have flipped its elements, with performances appearing directly proportional to the strength of the opposition. The stronger . . .

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