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Portugal began the battle for prolongation of their Nations League title with a convincing well-rounded display. The array of attacking talent at their disposal overwhelmed Croatia. The combination of their dynamic front players with the support of their marauding fullbacks proved too much. Their organized defensive shape was also enough to stifle Croatia’s ball progression […]

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Tactical analysis Portugal Netherlands 1-0 Nations League Final

Both sides took a lot away from Portugal’s win over Switzerland. The Netherlands attempted to mirror certain aspects of their setup, whilst Fernando Santos adapted his side’s defensive setup to the exposure in midfield. Many other factors played into Portugal’s growing control, including their coach’s inventive defensive shape, which allowed for constantly successful attacking transitions. […]

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Portugal Switzerland tactical analysis Ronaldo

Vladimir Petković’s Switzerland were full of tactical intrigue in this surprisingly energetic first semi-final of the UEFA Nations League. Switzerland’s plan in midfield enabled them to intricately pick holes in Portugal’s shape, which resulted in them generating countless great attacking moments. Most of them fizzled out into nothing, however, giving Ronaldo the chance to take […]

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