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Whilst Fiorentina struggled with building up against a Juventus press, the hosts adjusted their possession to improve an offense still struggling to attain its maximum expression. Giuseppe Iachini tried to change his side’s shape, but Juve’s solutions were too much for Fiorentina to handle, eventually putting an end to the visitors’ early attempts. Tactical analysis […]

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Tactical analysis Fiorentina AS Roma Serie A 1-4

In a game where Lorenzo Pellegrini’s quality decided the outcome, Fiorentina and Roma fought closely for seventy minutes. After spaces started opening up, the visitors were able to express their football at its maximum potential, settling Roma’s score at a resounding win that does not fully depict the game’s evolution. Tactical analysis and match report […]

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Tactical analysis Fiorentina Internazionale 1-1 Serie A

Fiorentina’s first half aggressiveness found justice when Vlahović scored the equalizer for his side in injury time, securing a draw that Montella’s side needed after a long-lasting winless streak. Meanwhile, Conte’s problems have only just started as, following their Champions League elimination, their second consecutive Serie A draw put them back on level terms with […]

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