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Tactical analysis Liverpool Napoli 1-1 Champions League

Both sides shared their frustrations in possession, but Liverpool struggled the most, in their attempts to question a very well-organized Napoli 4-4-2 deep block. Napoli’s clinical edge gave them the advantage for the majority of the match, but it were Klopp’s changes which offered Liverpool a way back in. Tactical analysis and match report by […]

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Tactical analysis Liverpool Leicester City 2-1 Premier League

Neither team played spectacular football in this game, but Liverpool still created enough chances to ultimately deserve the win. Leicester stayed in the game but massively struggled to create going forward against Liverpool’s compact defending. A couple of second half changes helped them to equalise against Liverpool’s initial 1-0 lead before a late James Milner […]

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Jesse Marsh tactics

Liverpool started the game in amazing fashion, dominating Salzburg with fast combinations and switches. After thirty minutes, the game looked to be done and dusted, howeverJesse Marsch’s tactical adjustment allowed Salzbug to come back and equalize. After that, Jürgen Klopp changed Liverpool’s formation and they were able to score the decisive fourth goal and win […]

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Tactical analysis Liverpool Arsenal 3-1 Premier League

Unai Emery, already known for his tactical experiments in big games at Arsenal, once again attempted to pull a rabbit out of the hat in this weekend’s big-six clash. Instead, what he pulled out was, yet again, nothing. The application of an untried diamond system proved costly, albeit survivable thanks to Liverpool’s relatively cautious approach.   […]

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