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Tactical analysis SS Lazio Roma Juventus 3-1- Serie A

When building attacks, both sides found one another frustrating in equal measure. In the end, Juve were the side with more questions than answers as Lazio’s one-trick plan reaped the rewards to seal a huge victory. Tactical analysis and match report by Peter M. If you overlook Lazio’s Europa League results, you will see a […]

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Tactical analysis Juventus Atletico Madrid 1-0 Champions League

Juventus and Atlético Madrid each clearly dominated one half, but also displayed their repeated issues to convert dominance into chances. Eventually, Juventus edged the game with a Paulo Dybala free kick rocket, securing the group’s top spot and showing a positive response – at least results-wise – to the questions raised after recent struggles. Tactical […]

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Tactical analysis Torino Juventus 0-1 Serie A

A dismal display of two teams unable to string passes together and carry out effective offensive actions. Fittingly, from a set piece routine Juventus opened the scoring and then used Torino’s tactics against them. In line with their reputation, even this year, Juve’s solutions are endless. Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi. When […]

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Tactical analysis Juventus Bayer Leverkusen 3-0 Champions League

Whereas the first half had sporadically shown what this Juve side is capable of, after the break Maurizio Sarri’s men stepped up to put the game to bed in dominant fashion. Leverkusen were unable to respond, as Juve outclassed them in every department, often seemingly without breaking a sweat. Tactical analysis and match report by […]

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Tactical analysis Atletico Madrid Juventus 2-2 Champions League

Juventus and Atlético Madrid put up a show of organized defending for the entire first half, before all hell broke loose and both teams started taking shots in quick succession. Hector Herrera’s equalizer finally restored order in a game that got progressively open and ended up as a high quality entertaining show of football. Tactical […]

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