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Unable to solve tactical questions posed by Italy on the left flank through Lorenzo Insigne and Leonardo Spinazzola, the Netherlands were the worst team for the full ninety minutes. Italy’s smart setup took the home side by surprise and, subsequently, the Netherlands didn’t manage to turn it around with some tactical manoeuvres.  Tactical analysis and […]

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Tactical analysis Portugal Netherlands 1-0 Nations League Final

Both sides took a lot away from Portugal’s win over Switzerland. The Netherlands attempted to mirror certain aspects of their setup, whilst Fernando Santos adapted his side’s defensive setup to the exposure in midfield. Many other factors played into Portugal’s growing control, including their coach’s inventive defensive shape, which allowed for constantly successful attacking transitions. […]

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More often than we fans would like to admit, the result of a game of football has very little to do with which team actually played better. This Nations League match between Germany and the Netherlands was a prime example of that. The Dutch left Gelsenkirchen with a fully undeserved, but nonetheless crucial point against […]

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