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Tactical analysis Liverpool Porto 2-0 Champions League

In this frantic affair, Liverpool unsurprisingly displayed the most composure. FC Porto’s seemingly-uncontrolled and direct approach – while giving themselves more than a few problems – exploited some shared vulnerabilities, but after a quick two goal lead, a home win was never really in doubt.   Tactical analysis and match report by Peter M. Seen […]

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In German football slang, a week that includes European football is called ‘ein Englische Woche’, which translates to ‘an English week’. We’ll just call this Champions League Tuesday an English day however, as three of the four teams in action are from the UK, and both matches will be played in England as well. Preview […]

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Champions League preview

Isn’t this the best time of the year? The winter cold slowly fades away, to be replaced by the thin and hopeful sunlight of early spring. Club football enters its decisive phase, with lots to play for in every competition. Whatsmore, we’ve got Champions League football lined up this week. The world’s most watched competition […]

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