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Tactical analysis Palmeiras Sao Paulo 3-0 Brasileiro

Palmeiras made quick tactical adjustments early on, inviting the São Paulo pressure and hitting them expertly on the break. Excellent matches from Felipe Melo, Dudu, and Deyverson buoyed the hosts, as the triumvirate stymied the visitor’s possession offense and exposed a disjointed backline.  Tactical analysis and match report by K.T. Stockwell. Only three losses all […]

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Sao Paulo Corinthians 1-0 Brasileiro

São Paulo dominated the first half, but was unable to create any goalscoring opportunities and mostly relied on long shots. In the second half, they added crosses to their uninspired attacking game. Corinthians focused on a compact defensive shape, but was unable to create any threat going forwards. A penalty eventually decided the game.  Tactical […]

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Tactical analysis Corinthians Sao Paulo 1-0 Brasileiro

A somewhat fortunate early goal allowed Corinthians to do what they do best: defend. Giving São Paulo the initiative and waiting for opportunities to counter, Corinthians were rarely in danger of conceding an equalizer in a pretty poor spectacle. São Paulo didn’t show any ideas or capacity to reverse the situation and continued their dreadful […]

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