Tottenham Hotspur – Manchester United: United Adapt While José Is Stuck in The Past (1-3)

After a first half of poor passing quality, one team tinkered to resolve such issues, while the other wallowed in self-pity. A goal, crafted in Poch-Esque fashion would be consumed in the harsh dose of José Mourinho reality, as Tottenham Hotspur blew their lead to a revitalized Manchester United after the break. 
Tactical analysis and match report by Joel Parker.

To Joséify a club has everlasting consequences. For Tottenham and Man United, they are at different ends of a similar cycle. Spurs signed up for the Mourinho experience, only for the guaranteed success to not follow suit. There was a time where the attritional style and old swagger from Mourinho, seemed destined for triumphs, but calamitous cup exits and reactivity over proactivity has sunk the Tottenham ship. They can still reach the top four, as well as have a League Cup in their cabinet, but the stability of Spurs is at greater risk when compared to the clubs around them. 

It has been over two years since Ole Gunnar Solskjær took charge at Man United, but the presence of the predecessor still weeps through. They are undoubtedly in a better shape but remain a side whose individual quality reigns over tactical components or framework, when both would see them truly compete for titles again. Victory in North London, the first meet since the baffling 1-6 defeat in the previous fixture, would be a step forward, away from Mourinho’s shackles which still bind the club. 

Son Heung-Min returned to the Tottenham team . . .

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Joel Parker (21) is an Everton fan. Whenever he’s not watching his beloved Everton, Joel spends his time analyzing all sorts of football. Chief editor and Founder of Toffee Analysis. [ View all posts ]


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