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US Sassuolo – ACF Fiorentina: When Suddenly All Hell Breaks Loose During Serie A’s Brunch Time Game (3-3)

Good gracious me. What happened here? Sassuolo – Fiorentina was a rather tedious game until after an hour of playing time, when things changed. Massively. Two red cards, six goals, nicely divided between the two teams. But it wasn’t thanks to tactics, though.

Tactical analysis and match report by Guillaume Maebe.


Sunday, 12h30. That’s what I call brunch time. A croissant, some salmon, eggs, coffee, a lot of buzz in the house and – in my case – secretly boosting up a stream with some Italian midday football. While family members opened up a bottle of cava, I wondered about which tactical twitches Roberto De Zerbi and Stefano Pioli would have in store for each other.

Sassuolo’s manager De Zerbi has switched between a 3-4-2-1 and a 4-3-3-formation so far this season. De Zerbi loves quick, vertical football when it is possible, but also does not mind when his teams recycle the ball for longer periods of time. When his players regain possession after pressing, they look for goal using an extremely high pace and high risk passes. Pioli, head master of Fiorentina, loves a more conservative style of football. With only 6.7 Expected Goals conceded in the Serie A this season – only Juventus does better – La Viola prefers defense over offense. Fiorentina, however, does like to apply a high intensive pressing, like they have used against Juventus and AS Roma. Could be fun, this game.


Lovely dynamic midfielders

Especially with both teams in need of a win. After a . . .

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