Sassuolo Fiorentina Serie A

US Sassuolo – ACF Fiorentina: When Suddenly All Hell Breaks Loose During Serie A’s Brunch Time Game (3-3)

Good gracious me. What happened here? Sassuolo – Fiorentina was a rather tedious game until after an hour of playing time, when things changed. Massively. Two red cards, six goals, nicely divided between the two teams. But it wasn’t thanks to tactics, though.

Tactical analysis and match report by Guillaume Maebe.


Sunday, 12h30. That’s what I call brunch time. A croissant, some salmon, eggs, coffee, a lot of buzz in the house and – in my case – secretly boosting up a . . .

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Guillaume Maebe (28) loves collecting shirts of players who haven’t achieved anything in their career. Works for Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad where he focuses on football stories, online development and – oh, yes – tactical analysis. Played football until the age of 18. Nowadays wanders around telling people how his poor back has prohibited him of becoming a professional football player. [ View all posts ]


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