West Ham United – Arsenal: Double Trouble Pops More Bubbles (2-2)

Arsenal have led most of the marathon, but missteps in the home straight will decide their fate. They were well on the way to wrapping up three points in this fixture, but a faltering response to adversity for the second week on the trot has caused doubt to creep back into North London. 

Tactical analysis and match report by Emmanuel Adeyemi-Abere.

Little fanfare had met the reunion of David Moyes and West Ham United at the end of 2019. Yet, till last summer, this stint subverted all expectations. Two campaigns of top seven finishes in the Premier League and passage into the final four of the Europa League marked miraculous improvement. Now, the bliss across East London has given way to alarm. Before this matchday, the club lied in fourteenth position, only three points clear of the bottom three. Survival has climbed to the top of their agenda.

Arsenal's sights are at the opposite end of the standings. A seven match winning streak, their longest stretch of the season, was the exact reaction Mikel Arteta demanded from their blip in February. His men left Anfield aghast at their superiority during the first half hour of their previous performance, but Liverpool broke hearts at the death in a four goal . . .

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