Tactical analysis AC Milan Fiorentina 1-3 Serie A

AC Milan – Fiorentina : A competitive Fiorentina side dismantle a crumbling Milan team (1-3)

First Fiorentina scared them, then they slowly deceived them, only to dismantle Milan once and for all in a second half that could not have gone worse for Giampaolo’s side. The newly appointed manager is left walking on a thin line, which is likely to break at any minute.

Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi.

On the back of one win in his last three games, Marco Giampaolo was itching for a win to temporarily avert rumors of a possible sacking. Before the start of their sixth match in the league, Milan sat in a disappointing twelfth place as their opponents on the night, Fiorentina, looked onward from afar in a dismal seventeenth position. Something reminiscent of a tragic drama awaited San Siro when the hosts seemed at the final straw in the hands of their adversary’s mercy, whose anguish, although on a parallel wavelength leading to sorrow, followed an opposite storyline. Milan’s agony has been one of persisting effect, carried throughout the entire campaign and without a beam of light peeking through the stadium’s roof. Fiorentina, however, has suffered a downfall of a different sort, switching inconsistently between valiant displays and disastrous defeats. All in all, their start to the Serie A campaign has been promising in many aspects.

Most of Fiorentina’s results seem justifiable on paper, having played Napoli, Juventus, and Atalanta in the space of four games. It is the inconsistency that has raised the most questions. Only against Juventus were Fiorentina able to maintain a high level of performance throughout the entire game, and against both Napoli and Atalanta they gave away a lead, not to mention . . .

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