Juve Napoli coppa italia analysis

Napoli – Juventus: Solid Napoli Cage Juventus Paradoxes (0-0, 4-2 After Penalties)

Napoli’s defensive system was yet again a burden Juventus were unable to cope with, reaching the finish line having created no dangerous chances on goal. Juve tumbled over their own issues once more, as Gennaro Gattuso’s diligent defense was enough to lift the Coppa Italia trophy after penalties. 

Tactical analyses and match report by Kareem Bianchi.

Napoli’s road to the Stadio Olimpico - home to the final - saw them dispatch Perugia with ease, before being faced with two tough opponents in Lazio and Inter. The win over Simone Inzaghi’s team was perhaps the most unexpected, given Napoli’s losing streak as they approached the match, but then came Conte’s men, who, in the first leg, were easily repelled by Gattuso’s solid defensive system and conquered by Fabián Ruiz’s individual brilliance.

The second leg was more of a test for Napoli, as their buildup struggled under Inter’s pressure and their defense appeared rustier than usual. Inter’s efforts were not sufficient enough to knock their opponents out though, as Dries Mertens’ equalizer was enough to put them through to the final. 

Conversely, Juve’s path was more of a smooth one, effortlessly knocking out Udinese and Roma before reaching the final on away goals after two draws

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