Atalanta Milan tactics

In a game wherein Atalanta’s goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini was never tested, Giampiero Gasperini’s side dominated a dismal Milan side with their aggressive and progressive football. Besides the evident offensive issues, the Milanese side showed severe defensive cracks that raise questions over whether parting ways with Gattuso was the right decision. Tactical analysis and match report […]

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Tactical analysis Fiorentina AS Roma Serie A 1-4

In a game where Lorenzo Pellegrini’s quality decided the outcome, Fiorentina and Roma fought closely for seventy minutes. After spaces started opening up, the visitors were able to express their football at its maximum potential, settling Roma’s score at a resounding win that does not fully depict the game’s evolution. Tactical analysis and match report […]

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Tactical analysis Fiorentina Internazionale 1-1 Serie A

Fiorentina’s first half aggressiveness found justice when Vlahović scored the equalizer for his side in injury time, securing a draw that Montella’s side needed after a long-lasting winless streak. Meanwhile, Conte’s problems have only just started as, following their Champions League elimination, their second consecutive Serie A draw put them back on level terms with […]

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Tactical analysis SS Lazio Roma Juventus 3-1- Serie A

When building attacks, both sides found one another frustrating in equal measure. In the end, Juve were the side with more questions than answers as Lazio’s one-trick plan reaped the rewards to seal a huge victory. Tactical analysis and match report by Peter M. If you overlook Lazio’s Europa League results, you will see a […]

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Tactical analysis Internazionale AS Roma 0-0 Serie A

One of the most anticipated encounters of the weekend ended in a draw that still offered some noteworthy moments from an individual and collective point of view. In the first half, Roma’s mistakes almost gifted Inter the lead when the visitors held control of the match, whereas the second half saw Inter denied by an […]

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Tactical analysis Cagliari Sampdoria 4-3 Serie A

An unpredictable game deservedly went to Cagliari who, after an unfortunate first half, found their craft just in time to overcome a two-goal Sampdoria lead. Cagliari’s resurgence emerged from Sampdoria’s inability to maintain the level of defensive intensity and concentration that contained their opponent in the first hour. Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem […]

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