Thursday, February 13, 2020

Tactical analysis Internazionale Napoli 0-1 Coppa Italia

Gennaro Gattuso’s defensive plan once again caught an Italian top team unprepared, as clinical finishing placed Napoli in the lead despite only sporadically breaking through Inter’s pressing. Antonio Conte desperately searched for an equalizer by discharging all of the weapons at hand, but came up empty-handed.  Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi. Sunday’s […]

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Tactical analysis Olympique Lyonnais Marseille 1-0 Coupe de France

Marseille’s woes in Lyon would continue, as André Villas-Boas’ side was unable to muster any real offensive fight through ninety minutes. In the end, the visitors were eventually bested by a home club capable of leaning more heavily on their depth, as substitutes Thiago Mendes and Bertrand Traoré played key roles in the late winner.  […]

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