Tactical analysis Tottenham Hotspur Bayern Munich 2-7 Champions League

Tottenham started the game playing brilliant football but lost the initiative when they rolled back their press. Bayern capitalized on this thanks to the brilliance of Serge Gnabry and Robert Lewandowski rather than through particularly great collective play. Tactical analysis and match report by Om Arvind. Much of what was said about Tottenham only a […]

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Inter Milan Antonio Conte Tactical Analysis

After years of suffering from unrealistic expectations, Inter have put their faith in Antonio Conte. There is plenty of hope around the club to make the step Suning Holding Group has been chasing for years. In this piece, we analyze how Conte has sculpted Inter to resemble his ideas. Written by Kareem Bianchi. Eight years […]

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A seven times Champions League winning club Including Europan Cups got traded as the pledge in an unpaid loan. To an American hedge fund. AC Milan’s recent history sums up a lot of football’s current problems. Roughly a year into the new ownership, however, most of the turbulence seems over and this fallen giant may […]

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