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Liverpool Leicester tactics

Leicester showed some promise in dissolving Liverpool’s pressing early on but also gave dangerous opportunities to Liverpool while trying to play out from the back. Liverpool were stable in possession and created a bunch of chances from the wings as Trent Alexander-Arnold gave a standout performance. Liverpool were fairly comfortable throughout but were still just […]

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Tactical analysis Leicester City Arsenal 2-0 Premier League

Unai Emery might have thought he was on the cusp of a good result. Arsenal’s decent first half display managed to mostly contain Leicester’s threat while creating chances off their own back. However, a second half midfield collapse proved too much to handle following many missed opportunities. Tactical analysis and match report by Peter M. […]

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Tactical analysis Liverpool Leicester City 2-1 Premier League

Neither team played spectacular football in this game, but Liverpool still created enough chances to ultimately deserve the win. Leicester stayed in the game but massively struggled to create going forward against Liverpool’s compact defending. A couple of second half changes helped them to equalise against Liverpool’s initial 1-0 lead before a late James Milner […]

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Tactical analysis Chelsea Leicester City 1-1 Premier League

In a game of two halves, Chelsea’s attacking blitz on Leicester had them clinging on for dear life, but time took its toll as the home side’s intensity gradually faded, as did their ability to control events. The away side’s ‘lightbulb moment’ was minor but made all the difference to provide their second half flourish.  […]

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Premier League Top Six Everton Leicester City Wolverhampton Wanderers

We watch football in close-up these days. The exposure to live matches has exploded, up to the point where now every minute of practically every match can be consumed. As with any observation, looking from up close may lead to missing the big picture at times. One such big picture may be signs of a […]

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