September 2019

Tactical analysis Atletico Madrid Juventus 2-2 Champions League

Juventus and Atlético Madrid put up a show of organized defending for the entire first half, before all hell broke loose and both teams started taking shots in quick succession. Hector Herrera’s equalizer finally restored order in a game that got progressively open and ended up as a high quality entertaining show of football. Tactical […]

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Tactical analysis Aston Villa West Ham United 0-0 Premier League

Monday night Premier League football saw a clash between Aston Villa and West Ham United.  These two sides provided an absorbing back-and-forth contest throughout, despite the 0-0 scoreline. Tactical analysis and match report by Julian Chingoma. Dean Smith sent the hosts out in a 4-3-3 formation. There were two changes to the starters from their […]

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Inter Milan Antonio Conte Tactical Analysis

After years of suffering from unrealistic expectations, Inter have put their faith in Antonio Conte. There is plenty of hope around the club to make the step Suning Holding Group has been chasing for years. In this piece, we analyze how Conte has sculpted Inter to resemble his ideas. Written by Kareem Bianchi. Eight years […]

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Tactical analysis Genoa Atalanta 1-2 Serie A

Aurelio Andreazzoli’s promising all-out pressing plan was quickly subsided by the heat and Atalanta’s tiring midfield rotations. Atalanta took control of the match, yet a tactical switch finally presented Genoa with a chance to claw back some salvation, as a chaotic period of stoppage time ensued… Tactical analysis and match report by Peter M.  Genoa, […]

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Barcelona midfield tactics

Led by the free-roaming Arthur and Frenkie de Jong and an energetic Ansu Fati, Barcelona quickly took down a Valencia team that was visibly shaken by the recent firing of their coach. During the second half, Griezmann’s increased interventions in the game and Suarez’s entrance produced even more goals for the home side. Tactical analysis […]

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