Tactical analysis Arsenal Chelsea Premier League 2-0

Arsenal’s pressing scheme and man-marking of Jorginho helped them secure a fast start. As they sat deeper, Chelsea got into more advanced positions but continued to demonstrate their problems breaking down deeper defenses. Arsenal then added a second goal, spurring a second half formation change from Emery that sealed the game. Tactical analysis and match […]

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Tactical Analysis Tottenham Hotspur - Manchester United 0-1 Premier League

Ole Gunnar Solsjær collected his sixth straight victory in charge of Manchester United. The away side implemented a counterattacking strategy that aimed to make use of a dynamic attacking lineup. Despite some promising transitions for United, it took a fantastic De Gea performance to stop a dominant Spurs side and take all three points.

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Welcome to the next phase of Between the Posts! Today we’re introducing our brand new membership feature. We feel that this step deserves a good explanation, so let us take you through a behind-the-scenes story on Between the Posts. Who are we? Why do we write? And why do we launch the membership section? Let’s […]

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