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Tactical analysis Italy Greece 2-0 Euro 2020 Qualifiers

Italy’s dominant possession share was not met by a dominant offensive performance, as has been the case for Mancini’s men’s in their latest outings. Greece, on the other hand, put up a diligent defensive performance but struggled to do anything notable on the ball. Tactical analysis and match report by Kareem Bianchi. Italy stood in […]

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Tactical analysis of Italy - Portugal 0-0

Italy’s possession game outplayed a conservative Portugal in the first half thanks to the efforts of the Jorginho-Verratti-Insigne triangle. In the second half, Portugal defended more aggressively to successfully stifle Italy’s attack. Tactical match report by José Perez. Roberto Mancini was handed the unenviable task of restoring Italy after their historic failure to quality for […]

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Poland tested Italy’s build-up with an interesting starting formation, determined to block off access to the center. Italy soon found a way around this, upon which Poland responded with an efficient formation change. This evened out the game but wasn’t enough to prevent Italy from snatching victory with an injury time winner. With Portugal leading […]

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